MakerKing 0.12.4 is out!

Version 0.12.4

This patch is the step one toward a better network infrastructure. If you had trouble playing the game due to internet issues recently, this is a good patch to try and give me feedback on the discord server. Now when a network request fail it will retry indefinitely. However if you get disconnected from the game server you will have to reconnect to the level.

I have tested this patch using Windscribe's VPN using locations in Turkey and Hong Kong (servers are in Canada) and didn't encounter issues. If you do, please contact me and we can look into fixing those as well.

Enhancements :

  • When a network requests fail, the game now retries indefinitely instead of kicking to the titlescreen
  • When connection with a game server times out (after 30 seconds), now reconnects to the level instead of kicking to the titlescreen
  • Renamed all instance of “level locking” to “level publishing” for better clarity
  • Added ability to resize the editor level border while using other tools

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed editor sometimes playing 2 tracks at once when randomizing music
  • Fixed finish menu preventing quick restart when pressing the restart button in the pause menu while the finish menu is active
  • Fixed friend list being too wide for its window when the level someone was in had a name too large
  • Fixed instrument blocks not pausing when watching a replay, leading to tracks playing on top of each others
  • Fixed shape tool in editor not working properly when used in erase mode depending on the direction of the shape
  • Fixed crash that would sometime happen when opening player stats

Files 450 MB
Oct 31, 2023
MakerKing-0.12.4-Linux.tar.gz 444 MB
Oct 31, 2023 492 MB
Oct 31, 2023
MakerKing-0.12.4-All.jar 455 MB
Oct 31, 2023

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