A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Become a Maker King or Queen! Join a universe where you can create your own levels and play them online with everyone. The level editor is simple to use and let you create anything, even living creatures!

Icon Create levels Icon

MakerKing is all about making levels. Don't be shy, open the editor and make yours in a couple of minutes!

Icon Race with others Icon

The entire experience is multiplayer, you can race on any level with anyone!

Icon Create custom mobs Icon

Create a mob that becomes your friend, or your enemy! Just place the body parts and it come to life.

Icon Solve puzzles Icon

If you are into puzzles, you'll be pleased. Try out our trickiest puzzles!

Icon Sharpen your skills Icon

Do you enjoy a little bit of intensity? Discover our advanced techniques involving frisbees, boomerangs and umbrellas!

Icon Explore new worlds Icon

If you prefer keeping your fingers intact, we respect that. Get immersed into exploration heavy levels made by the best players in our community!

Icon Climb leaderboards Icon

Leaderboards are enabled on all uploaded levels! Plus, you get score points for your best plays which count in the global leaderboard.

Icon Dress up Icon

Customize your character for extra style points! Cosmetics are how we pay for the game, keeping it free to play and free to win.

Icon Build your hub Icon

Your hub is a place where people hang out before playing your levels. It's like your home, make it pretty!

Icon Extras Icon

  • Controller support with fully bindable controls
  • Graphical options
  • 170+ achievements, daily missions and XP
  • Translated in 6 languages
  • A very warm and welcoming community!

Icon Discord Icon

Join our discord to hang out with us, participate in level contests and play organized races! Both level contests and races can earn you frisbee coins! discord.gg/makerking

Icon About us Icon

Game created by Alexander Winter, art made by Izzy Aminoz

Want to make an article about the game? Here is our press kit


MakerKing-0.12.4-Windows.zip 450 MB
MakerKing-0.12.4-Linux.tar.gz 444 MB
MakerKing-0.12.4-Mac.app.zip 492 MB
MakerKing-0.12.4-All.jar 455 MB

Install instructions

Windows installer: Download the file and double click to install.
Windows portable and Linux: Download, decompress the file (all of it) and double click the file MakerKing to play.
Mac: Download decompress and double click the app file. It will likely be blocked at first, you will have to enable it to run in your operating system settings.

Warnings from your operating system and browser are normal as the game hasn't been downloaded enough to be well known. For any assistance with the game, please contact us on discord.

If you enjoy the game, please leave a rating! This helps spread the word.

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i luv this

can you add the game to online

cuz im playing on a potato computer

make the game 32 bit

Hello, you are free to try the Java version of the game (.jar). There is still a good chance this can work on 32 bit machines.

As for .exe or .app executables, the program we use to create those no longer support 32 bits. We won't be making those 32 bit compatible in the future.

lol, jumpai is now MakerKing

Yup! A lot of things changed and we are on Steam now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1518440/MakerKing/

this game sometimes say no connection why ?

The server was sometimes overloaded, it will be improved tonight with a new server and in future updates with fixes.

oh i know  thanks for replie !

Sitting on this itch.io page eats up CPU time and bandwidth. If you are downloading Maker King, do not keep your Itch.io client on this page. Browse to your library or something and your download speed will go up and your CPU fan will slow down.

Hey there, I'm sorry if that's the case but this is quite likely due to the massive amount of Gifs shown here. Best, Alexander

I figured. Just thought I’d throw out the tip for anyone else wondering why they aren’t getting their max download speed.

Thanks for the game!


really fun platformer, but what makes it stand out especially is the multiplayer aspect of it. You can see everyone playing levels and the game design is especially focused on making it spectatable even with the dynamic elements. Races are really fun if you get a bunch of players together, no matter the skill level.

Also currently is a great time to grind up the leaderboards, especially with the new update/rebrand to Makerking which reset the leaderboards!


epic game