MakerKing 0.12.2 is out!

Version 0.12.2

This update is a small patch to fix bugs with the new partition editor as well as old editor issues. The Dynamic Lighting in the editor is actually usable now, no longer freezing the game and it's much easier to select notes in the partition editor. Following changes made with the sprint button (now no longer being inverted by default) we added a new piece of tutorial UI to teach players how to pick up items.

Enhancements :

  • Dynamic Lighting in the editor no longer freezes the game to update itself
  • Composer Menu now auto scrolls when hovering edges of the partition area while selecting notes
  • Added floating tutorial UI for how to pickup an item

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed beginning of partition being muted when dying on some computers
  • Fixed inability to drag the table while right click selecting in Composer Menu
  • Fixed umbrella set to closed state manually from the editor not resetting properly in world
  • Fixed incorrect text on the cancel button of the blind badge dialog
  • Fixed instrument block not pausing when pausing the game
  • Fixed crash when double clicking on a set of blocks that is too large
  • Fixed electric switch's appearance being wrong when connecting or disconnecting it using undo or redo
  • Fixed player being stuck in the wrong animation when selecting it and clicking on another block
  • Fixed editor light map not being updated properly with undo and redo


MakerKing-0.12.2-Linux.tar.gz 445 MB
Oct 21, 2023 450 MB
Oct 21, 2023 492 MB
Oct 21, 2023
MakerKing-0.12.2-All.jar 455 MB
Oct 21, 2023

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