The Composer Update is out! MakerKing 0.12.1

Version 0.12.1

The Composer Update brings the Instrument block to the game, which allows you to compose your own music for your level. Several life improvement features have also been added! This update has been made a minor version of the 0.12 update, since it is technically part 2 of the Music Update.

New features :

  • Added the Instrument Block, a block that plays music you compose from several instruments
  • Added mob armor, gear that can be added to a mob to make it survive multiple hits
  • Every piece of the game's UI (except in the editor) can now be navigated using controllers
  • You can now see the names of other players, or disable them if you don't want to (Thanks Manmellon!)
  • Ability to register using Steam account instead of password, registration for non Steam users now require email
  • Added a settings page to modify your account username, email or link your account to Steam
  • Added Anisotropic Filtering graphic setting for mob parts, making stretched mob parts look much better (need good GPU)

Enhancements :

  • Game now translated to Polish! (Thank you Ranik!)
  • Simplified the tutorial and removed all use of the chat in the tutorial, added hint about sprinting in the tutorial
  • Eyebrows can now be flipped
  • Optimized game's rendering engine (Thank you Manmellon!)
  • Added ability for mobs to mount other mobs
  • Added running, splash and water breathing particles for mobs
  • Added visual feedback portal destination when portal linking
  • Made the "Walk by default" setting now on enabled by default for new players and renamed it to "Invert Sprint"
  • Changed the player's walk speed from 2 to 6.5 (sprint speed is 10), making walking actually usable for beginners. Old replays are unaffected by this change and still use to the previous speed. Similarly mob walk speeds have been tweaked as well.
  • Removed dialog warning the user about quitting the game when in a race with no one else in it
  • Added a new editor track custom made for us by Rufse
  • Zooming out in the editor now reveals a larger grid that shows the borders of the chunks

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed crash happening in the editor when interacting with the undos and redos
  • Fixed bug where level music would play in the editor after doing undo
  • Fixed level browser not changing its language when changing the language of the game
  • Fixed bug where some mob parts could get stuck and not be draggable
  • Fixed a game freeze sometimes happening when dragging mob parts
  • Fixed bug that would disconnect the client from the server sometimes
  • Fixed bug that would break multiplayer for players who registered after the 32767'th player (Thank you Manmellon!)
  • Fixed bug where scared mobs after getting hurt would never stop running
  • Fixed bug that would make some errors in crash reports unreadable and also cause a memory leak
  • Fixed bug where resizing Window during loading would not properly scale fonts after load
  • Fixed bug that would cause exported replays with electric switches to not function properly
  • Fixed bug where blind badge protection could be bypassed by having the replay locally
  • Fixed a crash on Linux happening sometimes for users without XRandR
  • Fixed glitchy appearance of pressure plate
  • Fixed bug where held item wouldn't follow hand of the player perfectly when mounting a mob

Files 450 MB
Oct 18, 2023
MakerKing-0.12.1-Linux.tar.gz 445 MB
Oct 18, 2023 492 MB
Oct 18, 2023
MakerKing-0.12.1-All.jar 455 MB
Oct 18, 2023

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