MakerKing 0.11.1 is out!

MakerKing 0.11.1 is out! A quick update was required to add the christmas shirt to the game for the christmas level contest. We also improved the look of the level browser and fixed small bugs while at it. Enjoy!

PS: You have less than 30 hours left to submit an entry to the level contest! Details on discord:

Version 0.11.1

Enhancements :

  •   Improved look of level browser categories and added spotlight category
  •   Added christmas shirt obtained by participating to the contest

Bug fixes :

  •   Fixed bug where level browser would occasionally stay stuck in showing levels from a player
  •   Fixed bug where it was possible to accumulate speed by running into upside down stairs
  •   Fixed visual flicker happening when starting to drag mob part


MakerKing 0.11.1 for Windows 384 MB
Jan 05, 2022
MakerKing 0.11.1 for Mac 425 MB
Jan 05, 2022
MakerKing 0.11.1 for Linux 379 MB
Jan 05, 2022
MakerKing 0.11.1 for All platforms (Need Java 8+) 388 MB
Jan 05, 2022

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