The Christmas Update is out for MakerKing!

# Version 0.11

New features :

  •    Added the present, snowman and Christmas tree decorations
  •   Added antlers, hoofs, animal noses, deer tail and sleigh mob parts
  •   Added review list menu, menu to see player reviews on levels
  •   Added new candle table decoration
  •   Added new cosmetics

Enhancements :

  • Added Christmas exclusive logo to titlescreen
  • Improved performance (CPU) of waterfall smoke, cannons and fans
  • The default rotation of clocks can now be configured in the editor
  • Improved rendering performance (GPU) of signs and trees when used in large amounts
  • Drawer block can now be scaled up into a bigger dresser
  •   Some improvements to the look of wood assets and furniture

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed two crashes happening when connection breaks at specific moments
  • Fixed bug where day/night button wouldn't add an action in action history
  • Fixed bug where limbs of rock mobs had no normal maps
  • Fixed bug where table decorations had a misplaced selection box when flipped in the editor


MakerKing 0.11 for Windows 384 MB
Dec 03, 2021
MakerKing 0.11 for Linux 378 MB
Dec 03, 2021
MakerKing 0.11 for Mac 425 MB
Dec 03, 2021
MakerKing 0.11 for All platforms (Need Java 8+) 388 MB
Dec 03, 2021

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