MakerKing 0.10.1 is out! Performance improvements and bug fixes

# Version 0.10.1

Enhancements :

  •   - Performance optimizations for levels with a lot of objects like cobweb or spikes and mobs
  •   - Rendering optimization of frisbees, umbrellas, keys, eggs, cannons and mobs in large quantities
  •   - Rendering optimization of game UI for both game and editor (fonts and icons)
  •   - Added detailed FPS option to diagnostic performance issues in the future
  •   - Performance optimization in editor with shapes and minor operations

Bug fixes :

  •   - Fixed dirt walls not being the right color for the autumn biome
  •   - Fixed bug where you would sometime be invulnerable to spikes for no reason
  •   - Fixed bug where 4K textures would crash the game in the editor
  •   - Fixed bug where key skins was not applied in the editor
  •   - Fixed bug with cobweb continuing to burn after being broken
  •   - Fixed bug with cobweb not respawning if put out of the screen after breaking it
  •   - Fixed pumpkin's light source being at the bottom of the pumpkin instead of middle
  •   - Fixed cobweb having no light source when burning


MakerKing 0.10.1 for all platforms (Need Java 8+) 366 MB
Oct 29, 2021
MakerKing 0.10.1 for Windows 362 MB
Oct 29, 2021
MakerKing 0.10.1 for Mac 403 MB
Oct 29, 2021
MakerKing 0.10.1 for Linux 357 MB
Oct 29, 2021

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