The Halloween Update is out with a new Level contest!

Version 0.10

MakerKing Version 0.10 is out and comes with a lot of new halloween decorative elements! It also comes with a new level contest, join our discord for more info about that!

New features :

  •   Added the autumn biome!
  •   Added the night mode for every biome!
  •   Added the cobweb, a new object to slow down players and goes on fire easily!
  •   Added pumpkins and tombstones, exclusive halloween decorations
  •   Added exclusive halloween skins for mushroom and cloud blocks
  •   Added new exclusive halloween cosmetics, including frisbee, boomerang, umbrella and key skins

Enhancements :

  •   In the editor, made bushes and trees randomize after placing them rather than after selecting them 

Bug fixes :

  •   Fixed bug with saws rendering at the same z order as blocks
  •   Fixed bug where chat was always lowercase but disabled Russian swear words for now


MakerKing 0.10 for Windows 386 MB
Oct 08, 2021
MakerKing 0.10 for Linux 380 MB
Oct 08, 2021
MakerKing 0.10 for Mac 427 MB
Oct 08, 2021
MakerKing 0.10 for all platforms (Need Java 8+) 390 MB
Oct 08, 2021

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