MakerKing 0.9.2 is out!

Version 0.9.2

Enhancements :

  • Now splitting score in the situation of a tie (fixed before 0.9.2 release)
  • Made scores in leaderboard look more compact
  • Cursor is now automatically hidden after not moving the mouse for 5 seconds

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed bugs with score computation (fixed before 0.9.2 release)
  • Fixed bug with fullscreen mode when UI scaling is not 100% on Windows 10
  • Fixed bug where carpet particles wouldn't reset properly
  • Fixed crash happening with shop window when buying and closing it before confirmation
  • Fixed crash happening sometimes when losing connection
  • Fixed bug where you could clip through ceilings that are stuck to drawers
  • Fixed FPS display overlapping exit button in titlescreen
  • Fixed bug where remote mobs would not be hidden by the hide other player option
  • Fixed bug where messages in chat from players with XP levels 1 to 4 would be shown with a gray icon


MakerKing 0.9.2 for Windows 307 MB
Sep 01, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.2 for Linux 301 MB
Sep 01, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.2 for Mac 348 MB
Sep 01, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.2 for all platforms (Need Java 8+) 311 MB
Sep 01, 2021

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