MakerKing 0.9.1 PATCH

Good news everyone! We've updated the game with bug fixes, server improvements, new tutorial UI and added a few cosmetics. Come check it out and make/play some levels

UI Changes:

  • Opening umbrella
  • Opening doors
  • Entering level entrances
  • Throwing item (frisbee, boomerang, key)
  • Sinking in water or waterfall
  • Dismounting mob


  • Added spiky ponytail
  • Added horseshoe
  • Added wiggly hair bow
  • Added pointy hair bow

Enhancements :

  • Added option to hide other players
  • Made default volume lower
  • Line tool now changes color to indicate when it is perfectly straight or perfectly diagonal
  • Levels in the "New levels" tab of the level browser are not only sorted by date instead of hotness
  • Made join and leave message notifications show as gray instead of white
  • Disabled join and leave messages in the global channel
  • When running the game on Steam, the update message now asks to update the Steam game instead of offering download.
  • Made backgrounds of levels in level browser colored according to clear state
  • Improved look of boomerang
  • Added special dialog in case of crash due to OpenGL
  • Discord rich presence now displays time elapsed and number of players in level
  • Removed requirement to have played once online to be able to play offline
  • Added exit button to titlescreen
  • Updated translations from Localizor

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed bug where scrolling chat would break zoom in the editor
  • Fixed bug where skeleton mobs would die from metal gates
  • Fixed bug where changing language while in a locked editor level or a level you don't own would create an error
  • Fixed bug where in french numbers wouldn't be correctly separated by spaces
  • Fixed bug with turkish achievement description not showing properly
  • Fixed crash happening when umbrella rides lavafall or waterfall
  • Made the server database transactions more resilient by making it retry on error
  • Fixed some sources of server crashes (expect a bit more before we have 100% uptime)
  • Fixed crash happening with chat when leaving the game
  • Fixed bug where some mob legs wouldn't be detected as legs despite being in the correct region
  • Fixed best score and best rank achievements not working


MakerKing 0.9.1 for Windows (Portable) 307 MB
Aug 26, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.1 for Linux 301 MB
Aug 26, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.1 for Mac 348 MB
Aug 26, 2021
MakerKing 0.9.1 for all platforms (Need Java 8+) 311 MB
Aug 26, 2021

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