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i luv this

can you add the game to online

cuz im playing on a potato computer

make the game 32 bit

Hello, you are free to try the Java version of the game (.jar). There is still a good chance this can work on 32 bit machines.

As for .exe or .app executables, the program we use to create those no longer support 32 bits. We won't be making those 32 bit compatible in the future.

lol, jumpai is now MakerKing

Yup! A lot of things changed and we are on Steam now!

this game sometimes say no connection why ?

The server was sometimes overloaded, it will be improved tonight with a new server and in future updates with fixes.

oh i know  thanks for replie !

Sitting on this page eats up CPU time and bandwidth. If you are downloading Maker King, do not keep your client on this page. Browse to your library or something and your download speed will go up and your CPU fan will slow down.

Hey there, I'm sorry if that's the case but this is quite likely due to the massive amount of Gifs shown here. Best, Alexander

I figured. Just thought I’d throw out the tip for anyone else wondering why they aren’t getting their max download speed.

Thanks for the game!


really fun platformer, but what makes it stand out especially is the multiplayer aspect of it. You can see everyone playing levels and the game design is especially focused on making it spectatable even with the dynamic elements. Races are really fun if you get a bunch of players together, no matter the skill level.

Also currently is a great time to grind up the leaderboards, especially with the new update/rebrand to Makerking which reset the leaderboards!


epic game


Wow ! I really enjoy this game, it has a classic idea behind it but the realization ist great, the game feels polished and its fun to play ! I'm really proud to help this Project reach a more international audience by translating it ! The only thing is that the music sounds a bit off sometimes.

(PS go play my levels  :D)